Right before the close of school the kids got to harvest their vegetables; PUMPKINS (yep! in June) some plum tomatoes and green and yellow peppers! The boys picked a good amount while the girls searched recipes. SALSA was the food of choice, so the kiddos grabbed their aprons and headed […]

Pumpkins….in June!

Student Garden Club
It’s been a long winter with “strange” weather patterns here in North Florida like the rest of our country but the children are ready for school gardening! Our Broccoli and Kale barely grew from the frigid January and early February temperatures. The rest of our cold weather November seedlings didn’t […]

A Long, Strange Winter for School Gardening

The food summit in Jacksonville this past November was informative, but meeting Ann was motivating! She was kind, friendly and a lady with a mission. Talking with her was exciting, and being in a room full of people with the same drive and passion was engaging! Health and well-being to […]

Meeting Ann Cooper

School gardens and achievement
Getting kids out from behind the screen to their natural surroundings is easy once the invite is given to grow food. Gardening lends a sense of achievement. Kids are naturally curious and motivated learners when instructional studies of sciences move the classroom outside.  School gardens significantly increase achievement scores, improve […]

School Gardens and Achievement

School Gardens and Health
Getting our kids to understand the importance of health by eating nutritionally balanced food and staying active does present some challenges. School gardens and increased knowledge about where our food comes from empowers kids to make good choices and instills respect for our local farming communities. While knowledge is power, […]

School Garden & Health